class GrBackendSurfaceMutableState

Since Skia and clients can both modify gpu textures and their connected state, Skia needs a way for clients to inform us if they have modifiend any of this state.

In order to not need setters for every single API and state, we use this class to be a generic wrapper around all the mutable state. This class is used for calls that inform Skia of these texture/image state changes by the client as well as for requesting state changes to be done by Skia. The backend specific state that is wrapped by this class are:

Vulkan: VkImageLayout and QueueFamilyIndex



__init__(self: skia.GrBackendSurfaceMutableState) -> None




GrBackendSurfaceMutableState.__init__(self: skia.GrBackendSurfaceMutableState) None

__init__(self: skia.GrBackendSurfaceMutableState) -> None

GrBackendSurfaceMutableState.backend(self: skia.GrBackendSurfaceMutableState) skia.GrBackendApi
GrBackendSurfaceMutableState.isValid(self: skia.GrBackendSurfaceMutableState) bool