MATLAB File Help: cv Index

Collection and a development kit of matlab mex functions for OpenCV library

AdaptiveManifoldFilterInterface for Adaptive Manifold Filter realizations
BackgroundSubtractorGMGBackground Subtractor module
BackgroundSubtractorMOGGaussian Mixture-based Backbround/Foreground Segmentation Algorithm
BriefDescriptorExtractorClass for computing BRIEF descriptors.
DAISYClass implementing DAISY descriptor.
DPMDetectorDeformable Part-based Models (DPM) detector
DTFilterInterface for realizations of Domain Transform filter
DisparityWLSFilterDisparity map filter based on Weighted Least Squares filter
EdgeAwareInterpolatorSparse match interpolation algorithm
FREAKClass implementing the FREAK (Fast Retina Keypoint) keypoint descriptor.
FastGlobalSmootherFilterInterface for implementations of Fast Global Smoother filter
FastHoughTransformCalculates 2D Fast Hough transform of an image
GraphSegmentationGraph Based Segmentation algorithm
GuidedFilterInterface for realizations of Guided Filter
HoughPoint2LineCalculates coordinates of line segment corresponded by point in Hough space
LATCHClass for computing the LATCH descriptor.
LUCIDClass implementing the Locally Uniform Comparison Image Descriptor.
MSDDetectorClass implementing the MSD (*Maximal Self-Dissimilarity*) keypoint detector.
MotionSaliencyBinWangApr2014A Fast Self-tuning Background Subtraction Algorithm for Motion Saliency
ObjectnessBINGThe Binarized normed gradients algorithm for Objectness
SIFTClass for extracting keypoints and computing descriptors using the Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT).
SURFClass for extracting Speeded Up Robust Features from an image.
StarDetectorThe class implements the Star keypoint detector.
StaticSaliencySpectralResidualThe Spectral Residual approach for Static Saliency
StructuredEdgeDetectionClass implementing edge detection algorithm
SuperpixelLSCClass implementing the LSC (Linear Spectral Clustering) superpixels algorithm
SuperpixelSEEDSClass implementing the SEEDS (Superpixels Extracted via Energy-Driven Sampling) superpixels algorithm
SuperpixelSLICClass implementing the SLIC (Simple Linear Iterative Clustering) superpixels algorithm
WBDetectorWaldBoost detector
autowbGrayworldImplements a simple grayworld white balance algorithm
balanceWhiteThe function implements different algorithm of automatic white balance
calcGlobalOrientationCalculates a global motion orientation in a selected region
calcMotionGradientCalculates a gradient orientation of a motion history image
calcOpticalFlowDFDeepFlow optical flow algorithm implementation
calcOpticalFlowSFCalculate an optical flow using "SimpleFlow" algorithm
calcOpticalFlowSparseToDenseFast dense optical flow based on PyrLK sparse matches interpolation
covarianceEstimationComputes the estimated covariance matrix of an image using the sliding window forumlation
dctDenoisingThe function implements simple dct-based denoising
inpaint2The function implements different single-image inpainting algorithms
jointBilateralFilterApplies the joint bilateral filter to an image
l0SmoothGlobal image smoothing via L0 gradient minimization
niBlackThresholdApplies Niblack thresholding to input image
readOpticalFlowRead a .flo file
rollingGuidanceFilterApplies the rolling guidance filter to an image
segmentMotionSplits a motion history image into a few parts corresponding to separate independent motions (for example, left hand, right hand)
updateMotionHistoryUpdates the motion history image by a moving silhouette
writeOpticalFlowWrite a .flo to disk
AGASTDetects corners using the AGAST algorithm
AKAZEClass implementing the AKAZE keypoint detector and descriptor extractor
ANN_MLPArtificial Neural Networks - Multi-Layer Perceptrons
AgastFeatureDetectorWrapping class for feature detection using the AGAST method.
AlignMTBAligns images of the same scene with different exposures
BOWImgDescriptorExtractorClass to compute an image descriptor using the bag of visual words
BOWKMeansTrainerkmeans-based class to train visual vocabulary using the bag of visual words approach
BRISKClass implementing the BRISK keypoint detector and descriptor extractor
BackgroundSubtractorKNNK-nearest neigbours based Background/Foreground Segmentation Algorithm
BackgroundSubtractorMOG2Gaussian Mixture-based Backbround/Foreground Segmentation Algorithm
CLAHEContrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization
CalibrateDebevecCamera Response Calibration algorithm
CalibrateRobertsonCamera Response Calibration algorithm
CamShiftFinds an object center, size, and orientation
CannyFinds edges in an image using the Canny algorithm
CascadeClassifierHaar Feature-based Cascade Classifier for Object Detection
ConjGradSolverNon-linear non-constrained minimization of a function with known gradient.
DTreesDecision Trees
DescriptorExtractorCommon interface of 2D image Descriptor Extractors.
DescriptorMatcherCommon interface for matching keypoint descriptors.
DownhillSolverNon-linear non-constrained minimization of a function.
DualTVL1OpticalFlow"Dual TV L1" Optical Flow Algorithm
EMExpectation Maximization Algorithm
EMDComputes the "minimal work" distance between two weighted point configurations
EMDL1Computes the "minimal work" distance between two weighted point configurations
FASTDetects corners using the FAST algorithm
FastFeatureDetectorWrapping class for feature detection using the FAST method.
FeatureDetectorCommon interface of 2D image Feature Detectors.
FileStorageReading from or writing to a XML/YAML file storage
GFTTDetectorWrapping class for feature detection using the goodFeaturesToTrack function.
GaussianBlurSmoothes an image using a Gaussian filter
GeneralizedHoughBallardGeneralized Hough transform
GeneralizedHoughGuilGeneralized Hough transform
HOGDescriptorHistogram of Oriented Gaussian (HOG) descriptor and detector
HausdorffDistanceExtractorA simple Hausdorff distance measure between shapes defined by contours
HoughCirclesFinds circles in a grayscale image using the Hough transform
HoughLinesFinds lines in a binary image using the standard Hough transform
HoughLinesPFinds line segments in a binary image using the probabilistic Hough transform
HuMomentsCalculates seven Hu invariants
KAZEClass implementing the KAZE keypoint detector and descriptor extractor.
KNearestThe class implements K-Nearest Neighbors model
KalmanFilterKalman filter class
KeyPointsFilterMethods to filter a vector of keypoints.
LDALinear Discriminant Analysis
LaplacianCalculates the Laplacian of an image
LineSegmentDetectorLine segment detector class.
LogisticRegressionLogistic Regression classifier
MSERMaximally Stable Extremal Region extractor
MahalanobisCalculates the Mahalanobis distance between two vectors
MergeDebevecMerge exposure sequence to a single image
MergeMertensMerge exposure sequence to a single image
MergeRobertsonMerge exposure sequence to a single image
NormalBayesClassifierBayes classifier for normally distributed data
ORBClass implementing the ORB (oriented BRIEF) keypoint detector and descriptor extractor.
OnePassStabilizerA one-pass video stabilizer
PCAPrincipal Component Analysis class
PSNRComputes PSNR image/video quality metric
RQDecomp3x3Computes an RQ decomposition of 3x3 matrices
RTreesRandom Trees
RodriguesConverts a rotation matrix to a rotation vector or vice versa
RotatedRectThe class represents rotated (i.e. not up-right) rectangles on a plane.
SVDSingular Value Decomposition
SVMSupport Vector Machines
ScharrCalculates the first x- or y- image derivative using Scharr operator
ShapeContextDistanceExtractorImplementation of the Shape Context descriptor and matching algorithm
SimilarRectsClass for grouping object candidates, detected by Cascade Classifier, HOG etc.
SimpleBlobDetectorClass for extracting blobs from an image.
SobelCalculates the first, second, third, or mixed image derivatives using an extended Sobel operator
StereoBMClass for computing stereo correspondence using the block matching algorithm
StereoSGBMClass for computing stereo correspondence using the semi-global block matching algorithm
Subdiv2DDelaunay triangulation and Voronoi tesselation
SuperResolutionClass for a whole family of Super Resolution algorithms
TonemapTonemapping algorithm used to map HDR image to 8-bit range
TonemapDragoTonemapping algorithm used to map HDR image to 8-bit range
TonemapDurandTonemapping algorithm used to map HDR image to 8-bit range
TonemapMantiukTonemapping algorithm used to map HDR image to 8-bit range
TonemapReinhardTonemapping algorithm used to map HDR image to 8-bit range
TwoPassStabilizerA two-pass video stabilizer
UtilsUtility and system information functions.
VideoCaptureClass for video capturing from video files or cameras
VideoWriterVideo Writer class
accumulateAdds an image to the accumulator
accumulateProductAdds the per-element product of two input images to the accumulator
accumulateSquareAdds the square of a source image to the accumulator
accumulateWeightedUpdates a running average
adaptiveThresholdApplies an adaptive threshold to an array
applyColorMapApplies a GNU Octave/MATLAB equivalent colormap on a given image
approxPolyDPApproximates a polygonal curve(s) with the specified precision
arcLengthCalculates a contour perimeter or a curve length
arrowedLineDraws an arrow segment pointing from the first point to the second one.
batchDistanceNaive nearest neighbor finder
bilateralFilterApplies the bilateral filter to an image
blendLinearPerforms linear blending of two images.
blurSmoothes an image using the normalized box filter
borderInterpolateComputes the source location of an extrapolated pixel.
boundingRectCalculates the up-right bounding rectangle of a point set
boxFilterBlurs an image using the box filter
boxPointsFinds the four vertices of a rotated rectangle
buildOpticalFlowPyramidConstructs the image pyramid which can be passed to cv.calcOpticalFlowPyrLK
buildPyramidConstructs the Gaussian pyramid for an image
calcBackProjectCalculates the back projection of a histogram
calcBlurrinessCalculate image blurriness
calcCovarMatrixCalculates the covariance matrix of a set of vectors.
calcHistCalculates a histogram of a set of arrays
calcOpticalFlowFarnebackComputes a dense optical flow using the Gunnar Farneback's algorithm
calcOpticalFlowPyrLKCalculates an optical flow for a sparse feature set using the iterative Lucas-Kanade method with pyramids
calibrateCameraFinds the camera intrinsic and extrinsic parameters from several views of a calibration pattern
calibrationMatrixValuesComputes useful camera characteristics from the camera matrix
circleDraws a circle
clipLineClips the line against the image rectangle
colorChangeColor Change
compareHistCompares two histograms
composeRTCombines two rotation-and-shift transformations
computeCorrespondEpilinesFor points in an image of a stereo pair, computes the corresponding epilines in the other image
computeRecallPrecisionCurveEvaluate a descriptor extractor by computing precision/recall curve
connectedComponentsComputes the connected components labeled image of boolean image
contourAreaCalculates a contour area
convertMapsConverts image transformation maps from one representation to another
convertPointsFromHomogeneousConverts points from homogeneous to Euclidean space
convertPointsToHomogeneousConverts points from Euclidean to homogeneous space
convertScaleAbsScales, calculates absolute values, and converts the result to 8-bit
convexHullFinds the convex hull of a point set
convexityDefectsFinds the convexity defects of a contour
copyMakeBorderForms a border around an image.
cornerEigenValsAndVecsCalculates eigenvalues and eigenvectors of image blocks for corner detection
cornerHarrisHarris corner detector
cornerMinEigenValCalculates the minimal eigenvalue of gradient matrices for corner detection
cornerSubPixRefines the corner locations
correctMatchesRefines coordinates of corresponding points
createConcentricSpheresTestSetCreates test set
createHanningWindowComputes a Hanning window coefficients in two dimensions
cvtColorConverts an image from one color space to another
decolorTransforms a color image to a grayscale image
decomposeEssentialMatDecompose an essential matrix to possible rotations and translation
decomposeHomographyMatDECOMPOSEESSENTIALMAT Decompose a homography matrix to rotation(s), translation(s) and plane normal(s)
decomposeProjectionMatrixDecomposes a projection matrix into a rotation matrix and a camera matrix
demosaicingDemosaicing algorithm
denoise_TVL1Primal-Dual algorithm to perform image denoising
detailEnhanceThis filter enhances the details of a particular image
dilateDilates an image by using a specific structuring element
distanceTransformCalculates the distance to the closest zero pixel for each pixel of the source image
drawChessboardCornersRenders the detected chessboard corners
drawContoursDraws contours outlines or filled contours
drawKeypointsDraws keypoints
drawMarkerDraws a marker on a predefined position in an image
drawMatchesDraws the found matches of keypoints from two images
edgePreservingFilterEdge-preserving smoothing filter
eigenCalculates eigenvalues and eigenvectors of a symmetric matrix
ellipseDraws a simple or thick elliptic arc or fills an ellipse sector
ellipse2PolyApproximates an elliptic arc with a polyline
equalizeHistEqualizes the histogram of a grayscale image
erodeErodes an image by using a specific structuring element
estimateAffine3DComputes an optimal affine transformation between two 3D point sets
estimateGlobalMotionLeastSquaresEstimates best global motion between two 2D point clouds in the least-squares sense
estimateGlobalMotionRansacEstimates best global motion between two 2D point clouds robustly (using RANSAC method)
estimateRigidTransformComputes an optimal affine transformation between two 2D point sets
evaluateFeatureDetectorEvaluates a feature detector
fastNlMeansDenoisingImage denoising using Non-local Means Denoising algorithm
fastNlMeansDenoisingColoredModification of fastNlMeansDenoising function for colored images
fastNlMeansDenoisingColoredMultiModification of fastNlMeansDenoisingMulti function for colored images sequences
fastNlMeansDenoisingMultiModification of fastNlMeansDenoising function for colored images sequences
fillConvexPolyFills a convex polygon
fillPolyFills the area bounded by one or more polygons
filter2DConvolves an image with the kernel
filterSpecklesFilters off small noise blobs (speckles) in the disparity map
find4QuadCornerSubpixFinds subpixel-accurate positions of the chessboard corners
findChessboardCornersFinds the positions of internal corners of the chessboard
findCirclesGridFinds the centers in the grid of circles
findContoursFinds contours in a binary image
findEssentialMatCalculates an essential matrix from the corresponding points in two images
findFundamentalMatCalculates a fundamental matrix from the corresponding points in two images
findHomographyFinds a perspective transformation between two planes
findTransformECCFinds the geometric transform (warp) between two images in terms of the ECC criterion
fitEllipseFits an ellipse around a set of 2D points
fitLineFits a line to a 2D or 3D point set
flipFlips a 2D array around vertical, horizontal, or both axes
floodFillFills a connected component with the given color
getAffineTransformCalculates an affine transform from three pairs of the corresponding points
getBuildInformationReturns OpenCV build information
getDefaultNewCameraMatrixReturns the default new camera matrix
getDerivKernelsReturns filter coefficients for computing spatial image derivatives
getGaborKernelReturns Gabor filter coefficients
getGaussianKernelReturns Gaussian filter coefficients
getOptimalNewCameraMatrixReturns the new camera matrix based on the free scaling parameter
getPerspectiveTransformCalculates a perspective transform from four pairs of the corresponding points
getRectSubPixRetrieves a pixel rectangle from an image with sub-pixel accuracy
getRotationMatrix2DCalculates an affine matrix of 2D rotation
getStructuringElementReturns a structuring element of the specified size and shape for morphological operations
getTextSizeCalculates the width and height of a text string
getValidDisparityROIComputes valid disparity ROI from the valid ROIs of the rectified images
globFind all pathnames matching a specified pattern
goodFeaturesToTrackDetermines strong corners on an image
grabCutRuns the GrabCut algorithm
groupRectanglesGroups the object candidate rectangles
groupRectangles_meanshiftGroups the object candidate rectangles using meanshift
illuminationChangeIllumination Change
imdecodeReads an image from a buffer in memory
imencodeEncodes an image into a memory buffer
imreadLoads an image from a file
imreadmultiLoads a multi-page image from a file
imwriteSaves an image to a specified file
inRangeChecks if array elements lie between the elements of two other arrays
initCameraMatrix2DFinds an initial camera matrix from 3D-2D point correspondences
initUndistortRectifyMapComputes the undistortion and rectification transformation map
initWideAngleProjMapinitializes maps for cv.remap for wide-angle
inpaintRestores the selected region in an image using the region neighborhood
integralCalculates the integral of an image
intersectConvexConvexFinds intersection of two convex polygons
invertFinds the inverse or pseudo-inverse of a matrix
invertAffineTransformInverts an affine transformation
isContourConvexTests a contour convexity
kmeansFinds centers of clusters and groups input samples around the clusters
lineDraws a line segment connecting two points
linearPolarRemaps an image to polar space
logPolarRemaps an image to log-polar space
matMulDerivComputes partial derivatives of the matrix product for each multiplied matrix
matchShapesCompares two shapes
matchTemplateCompares a template against overlapped image regions
meanShiftFinds an object on a back projection image
medianBlurBlurs an image using the median filter
minAreaRectFinds a rotated rectangle of the minimum area enclosing the input 2D point set
minEnclosingCircleFinds a circle of the minimum area enclosing a 2D point set
minEnclosingTriangleFinds a triangle of minimum area enclosing a 2D point set and returns its area.
momentsCalculates all of the moments up to the third order of a polygon or rasterized shape
morphologyExPerforms advanced morphological transformations
normCalculates an absolute array norm, an absolute difference norm, or a relative difference norm.
normalizeNormalizes the norm or value range of an array
pencilSketchPencil-like non-photorealistic line drawing
perspectiveTransformPerforms the perspective matrix transformation of vectors
phaseCorrelateDetect translational shifts that occur between two images
pointPolygonTestPerforms a point-in-contour test
polylinesDraws several polygonal curves
preCornerDetectCalculates a feature map for corner detection
projectPointsProjects 3D points to an image plane
putTextDraws a text string
pyrDownBlurs an image and downsamples it
pyrMeanShiftFilteringPerforms initial step of meanshift segmentation of an image
pyrUpUpsamples an image and then blurs it
randMVNormalGenerates sample from multivariate normal distribution
recoverPoseRecover relative camera rotation and translation from an estimated essential matrix and the corresponding points in two images, using cheirality check
rectangleDraws a simple, thick, or filled up-right rectangle
rectify3CollinearComputes the rectification transformations for 3-head camera, where all the heads are on the same line
remapApplies a generic geometrical transformation to an image
reprojectImageTo3DReprojects a disparity image to 3D space
resizeResizes an image
rotatedRectangleIntersectionFinds out if there is any intersection between two rotated rectangles.
sampsonDistanceCalculates the Sampson Distance between two points
seamlessCloneSeamless Cloning
sepFilter2DApplies a separable linear filter to an image
solveSolves one or more linear systems or least-squares problems.
solveLPSolve given (non-integer) linear programming problem using the Simplex Algorithm.
solvePnPFinds an object pose from 3D-2D point correspondences
solvePnPRansacFinds an object pose from 3D-2D point correspondences using the RANSAC scheme
spatialGradientCalculates the first order image derivative in both x and y using a Sobel operator
sqrBoxFilterCalculates the normalized sum of squares of the pixel values overlapping the filter
stereoCalibrateCalibrates the stereo camera
stereoRectifyComputes rectification transforms for each head of a calibrated stereo camera
stereoRectifyUncalibratedComputes a rectification transform for an uncalibrated stereo camera
stylizationStylization filter
tempfileReturn name of a temporary file
textureFlatteningTexture Flattening
thresholdApplies a fixed-level threshold to each array element
transformPerforms the matrix transformation of every array element
triangulatePointsReconstructs points by triangulation
undistortTransforms an image to compensate for lens distortion
undistortPointsComputes the ideal point coordinates from the observed point coordinates
validateDisparityValidates disparity using the left-right check
warpAffineApplies an affine transformation to an image
warpPerspectiveApplies a perspective transformation to an image
watershedPerforms a marker-based image segmentation using the watershed algrorithm